About ERG

Our Beginning

Electronic Recycling Geeks (ERG) was formed in November 2011. Created out of the love of computers and the environment by the owner, Linda Marshall. In her work with web site design and computer repair Linda consistently saw unused and discarded computers, monitors, and other electronics stacked in closets and garages. She heard from her customers that they either did not know where to dispose of them or they were afraid of their data being stolen from an old system. Linda knew there had to be way to solve both issues. ERG was born.

Starting in the winter in Michigan was a tough beginning but despite that the computers flowed in. Finding reputable recyclers to work with was a priority.  Linda decided to keep the business in Michigan and work with local, qualified recyclers.

Changing It Up

As the computers flowed in so did other things such as phones, games, and household appliances. Linda decided to expand ERG to include recycling of things other than just computers. Today ERG recycles just about anything. From IT to mobile homes. If you no longer need or use it ERG can help you dispose of it responsibly.

Where Does Everything Go?

This is the question we are asked most often. Our process starts as soon as we pick everything up. If the pickup consists of computers we label them and move them to our secure facility where we remove the hard drives and destroy the data. Then the other components are inspected and tested. If they can be re-used they are moved into our ‘sales’ area.

Every other item is inspected and tested to see if it can be repaired and or re-used. If it is a household item we donate to the local woman’s shelter. If it can’t be used by the shelter we sell it to offset our expenses.

The broken, irreparable and just plain disgusting stuff is then broken down and sent to different recyclers. All of our recyclers are state certified and in the United States. We DO NOT export any of our recyclables.